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This document titled “Constructive Notice of Denial of Consent” articulates a formal declaration asserting a refusal to acknowledge or accept the authority of various governmental bodies and financial institutions in the United States. It cites multiple grievances against these entities, including allegations of unlawful attempts to hinder an individual’s rights, extortion to procure agreements, denial of legal recourse, deceptive practices concerning property registration, and failure to prosecute unlawful activities within banks. It references a Supreme Court ruling on the consent of the governed as the basis of governmental power, highlighting that consent must be freely given and cannot be coerced, and expresses disillusionment with the government and judicial system’s handling of complaints against such practices.

The notice asserts that the individual, on the specified date, withdraws consent to be governed by any parties, stating that statutes do not apply to them as they do not recognize the authority of the governing bodies. It declares a refusal to pay taxes, linking tax collection as a government function, and claims the retention of Common Law Rights, including property rights and the right to travel without a license. The document concludes with a declaration of copyright over the notice itself, witnessed signatures, and a statement made “Without Prejudice/Without Recourse”


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