This article was written by Dr. Arnold Keller of Berlin, Germany. From the earliest days of paper money collecting Dr. Keller has been revered as the “Dean of Paper Money Collectors”. Over the years he had written many articles on the subject for German periodicals, and indeed, was the first to publish books for collectors on the subject. In the 1950s and 1960s, I had frequent occasion to correspond with Dr. Keller in my capacity as editor of The Currency Collector, the journal of the long defunct World Paper Money Collectors Association. At that time I asked him if he would write an article for us and this piece was the result. As you will see, he possessed an amazing in-depth knowledge on the subject of the various uses of stamps when applied to paper money. Many years later, I was encouraged to update Dr. Keller’s work to include the new issues which had appeared in the interim. This effort will be found in the addendum at the end of the article.

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