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” Introduction:

It’s next to impossible to live in today’s economy without some form of credit as you probably already found out or you would not be reading this booklet.

If you have filed for bankruptcy or have some other blemish in your current credit history which prevents you from getting credit, my booklet will present you with a solution. It’s important to know you are among millions of Americans who are not deadbeats but just got caught up in the easy credit era or met with unforeseen circumstances.

Now you can set up a new credit file and regain your self-esteem, self-worth, and credit-
worthiness. You can do it in about 45 days instead of having to wait for years for those mistakes and unavoidable circumstances to be rectified.

It is important to say too that you will only get this chance once, so guard your new, clean file. Maintain good records and use your common sense. Make a commitment to achieve your goals in a more realistic and down-to-earth approach and thus guarantee your success. Everyone deserves a second chance. Don’t make the same mistake twice. ”


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