BILLS OF EXCHANGE can Lawfully Be Used to Setoff, Discharge, and/or Tender Payment for Contract to Buy Vehicle

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While many Americans struggle to make car payments and/or struggle to save up to buy their dream cars, they are […]

Anyone Can Choose to Reclaim Their Wealth and Life with the Secured Party/ Secure Creditor Process

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When you were born, you were born a Live – living, breathing, flesh-and-blood human being, and considered SOVEREIGN! If you […]

MANIFESTO OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (1847/48)

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  MANIFESTO OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (1847/48) From McLellan: “The Communist League, linking the main […]

Everything is a Trust: Birth Certificate, Drivers License, Deeds, Mortgages, Loans, Credit Cards

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TRUSTS: Where Fraud is seemingly permissible by the courts, government, and public servants/trustees. TRUST. – In General  A right of […]

Double Entry Bookkeeping: The Role of Intangibles and Their Securitization

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Double entry bookkeeping, the standard method for recording financial transactions, hinges on balancing two sides: debits and credits. Within this […]

The Dual Realms of Public Debt and Private Credit: Understanding the Unseen Financial Divide

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In the realm of financial obligations, there is a fundamental principle that separates the tangible from the intangible, the government-created […]

The Dirty Mortgage Secret: The Borrower’s Right to Their Promissory NOTE and the CASH VALUE

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The journey of a mortgage promissory note from a simple contractual agreement to a complex financial instrument is shrouded in […]

The Intricacies of Intangible Assets: Fractionalization and Securitization in Modern Finance

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Intangible assets, though lacking physical form, are the bedrock of contemporary finance. They range from Federal Reserve Notes—our cash in […]