Riverside County Sheriff & RANCHO CALIFORNIA WATER DISTRICT are INTENTIONALLY Violating the Rights of Americans

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Without permission and against express written revocation of any presumed authorization to use a social security number, Rancho California Water District is acting against express instructions and blatantly committing fraud and stealing the information of Americans.

U.S. Department of State: Certificate of Non Citizen Nationality (Californians, Texans, Etc..)

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Certificates of Non Citizen Nationality The Department of State occasionally receives requests for certificates of non-citizen national status pursuant to […]

The Dual Realms of Public Debt and Private Credit: Understanding the Unseen Financial Divide

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In the realm of financial obligations, there is a fundamental principle that separates the tangible from the intangible, the government-created […]

The Dirty Mortgage Secret: The Borrower’s Right to Their Promissory NOTE and the CASH VALUE

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The journey of a mortgage promissory note from a simple contractual agreement to a complex financial instrument is shrouded in […]

The Intricacies of Intangible Assets: Fractionalization and Securitization in Modern Finance

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Intangible assets, though lacking physical form, are the bedrock of contemporary finance. They range from Federal Reserve Notes—our cash in […]

Mortgage Fraud Report of 2008 and CPNs (Credit Privacy Numbers) – By FBI

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Scope Note The purpose of this study is to provide insight into the breadth and depth of mortgage fraud crimes […]