FULL EXPLANATION on Traveling (private) vs Driving (public/commercial) and Deprivation “Under the Color of Law” ?

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NO Law requires you to record / pledge your private automobile. a Private automobile is not required by any law, code or statute to be recorded. Any recording (pledge) of Private automobile to any agency is strictly voluntary. Any recordation / contract you or a Dealership has done was a fraudulently conveyed act as the recording agency/automobile Dealer told you that you must record your Private Property. The voluntary pledge that was done without just compensation is usually done through fraud, deceit, coercion and withholding of facts, which can only be construed as fraud and unjust enrichment by agency as well as a willful malicious act to unjustly enrich the recording agency and its public servants.

Sixth Amendment: American’s right to know “Nature” and “Cause” of Action Explained

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  The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees crucial rights to individuals accused of crimes, including the right […]

UNITED STATES V. ANTHONY – “The fourteenth amendment creates and defines citizenship of the United States”

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Download Copy. 829 Case No. 14,459. 24FED.CAS.—53 UNITED STATES V. ANTHONY. [11 Blatchf. 200; 5 Chi. Leg. News. 462, 493; […]