the 1940 Buck Act: Citizens of the United States are Possessions

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In order for you to understand the full import of what is happening, I must explain certain laws to you. […]

Voluntary Chains: The 13th and 14th Amendments, Securitization, Pledge System, and the Redefinition of Freedom

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Part 1 (text to audio) Part 2 (text to audio) Part 3 (text to audio)   In 1913 the United […]

Notable Quotes on Banking, Securities, and American Property and Wealth

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Thomas Jefferson (April 13, 1743 – July 4, 1826) was an American statesman, diplomat, lawyer, architect, philosopher, and Founding Father […]

UNITED STATES V. ANTHONY – “The fourteenth amendment creates and defines citizenship of the United States”

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Download Copy. 829 Case No. 14,459. 24FED.CAS.—53 UNITED STATES V. ANTHONY. [11 Blatchf. 200; 5 Chi. Leg. News. 462, 493; […]

From Gold to Bonds: House Joint Resolution 192 of 1933 and The Transformation of America’s Financial Infrastructure

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Before HJR 192 was passed, Executive Order 6102 was signed into effect by President Roosevelt. This executive order required all gold and gold […]